Topic 1. Global Business Models by Technological Growth

Topic 2. The Impact of Agile and Growth Hacking in Business

Topic 3. Digital Branding and Customer Engagement

Topic 4. Develop an Effective Digital Commerce Presence

What you will learn

Analyze different perspectives about how companies approach to customers and how they innovate to satisfy customers expectations.

Agile development for marketing strategies and best practices to decrease the number of steps to create presence in your market.

Understand the importance of having a customer-oriented organization.

Compare effective digital campaigns through different platforms.


Length: 4 Weeks

Effort: 5–8 hours per week

Price: FREE

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About this course

  • Analyzing different business models worldwide and understanding the impact of new technologies in the way companies are making businesses, how the digital waves have been changing and facing new challenges for the business people, and the way to provide in a continuous improvement way value creation to the entire market.
  • Learning about waterfall project management techniques and their counterpart, the agile development way of work. Why each of them have their own reason, and how you could take advantage of each of them.
  • Understanding the growth hacking concept through different examples, and think about the detection of how to decrease the number of steps to create growth in your market.
  • Enriching the needs about why branding is part of the backbone of any digital strategy, understanding why old-fashion techniques could even apply for the digital world, at the end, we still humans making business with other humans.
  • Analyzing the whys about customer engagement through customer satisfaction and how to change the mindset of an organization to become more customer-centric.
  • Detecting effective digital campaigns and see different online platforms, understanding why they could leverage any kind of requirements from your own market.