Topic 1. Digital Marketing Communication Strategies

Topic 2. Digital Marketing through SEO and SEM Alignment

Topic 3. Website Optimization and Social Media Marketing

Topic 4. Data Driven Analytics Strategical Decisions

What you'll learn

Learn how to use Influencer marketing and create the best strategy to approach your customer.

Understand the importance of your brand in the digital ecosystem.

Learn about the SEO Fundamentals.

Analyze data curated from your social media strategies.

Learn about UI/UX point of view.


Length: 4 Weeks

Effort: 5–8 hours per week

Price: FREE

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About this course

  • Learning about the new digital communication trends as Influencer Marketing, to analyze how the advertising is moving from professional studios to the bedroom of an influencer.
  • Understanding about the main role of the digital footprint of a person but also of a brand in the digital ecosystem.
  • Learning about the SEO Fundamentals and why searching is the key component of any digital strategy.
  • Analyzing the impact of SEM Alignment through the usage of different techniques and campaigns.
  • Thinking about the UI/UX point of view, and why is so challenging to accomplish the needs and requirements from a customer.
  • Navigating through Social Media, and analyze the impact of each of them.
  • Going deeper in the data world by data driven analytics and big data escalations from social media.