Topic 1. Leadership in a new era

Topic 2. Self-awareness and Awareness of One’s Environment

Topic 3. Positivity and Resilience

Topic 4. Meaning and Commitment

What you will learn

Identify opportunities for personal improvement within the five elements of the Leadership Focused on Human Flourishing model.

Develop the skills that will allow you to achieve and optimize results at work.

Understand the relationship between happiness, leadership, and flourishing.


Length: 4 Weeks

Effort: 5–8 hours per week

Price: FREE

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About this course

We are facing a world leadership crisis, due to (among other factors) the volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous context we are living in.

The world needs self-aware leaders who are also aware of their environment, immersed in a permanent learning process, who are committed, resilient, with a positive vision of the present and the future, who find meaning in their life mission, and who flourish by contributing to the flourishing of others.

This course will bring the necessary tools to develop a human-flourishing-oriented-leadership.