Topic 1. Structure of a Negotiation

Topic 2. Effective Communication in Negotiation

Topic 3. Interests and Positions

Topic 4. Conflict Resolution

What you will learn

Implement the key negotiation skills and styles to carry out effective negotiations and reach satisfactory agreements.

Adopt communication techniques that improve relationships and stimulate cooperation between the parties involved.

Develop critical thinking to manage emotions and resolve conflicts in a constructive way.


Length: 4 Weeks

Effort: 5–8 hours per week

Price: FREE

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About this course

The course integrates the most recent advances in the development of negotiation skills, based on modern life complexities, in a simple and direct way.

We start out with the structure of effective communication in a negotiation, with the intention of identifying our opportunity areas, and improving them through active learning mechanisms.

And what can we say about the role emotions play in a negotiation process? It is necessary to acknowledge , manage, and take advantage of them by using emotional intelligence mechanisms.

Negotiation, by definition, implies the relationship between two or more parties who eventually express opposing interests and demand skills for problem-solving. In this course you will learn to identify and manage its irreversible consequences in advance.